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Get your firm on the radar at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing strategies by working with a smart, creative public relations expert.

Do you want to know a proven marketing strategy that delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) for law firms looking to grow their practice? If you guessed advertising or event sponsorship, you’d be wrong. 
Sure, advertising and event sponsorship can be important tools in your law firm’s long-term marketing plan. But they can be expensive and they are not always the most effective way to get noticed and grow your practice.
What you need is to establish awareness of your expertise and to get noticed by your target prospects. That’s where a thoughtful media strategy that combines media placements in national and industry publications with a social media plan to help you quickly and directly reach your target prospects for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising or events.
If you’re like most law firm marketing directors, you do not have the time or resources to implement a successful media strategy because of the overwhelming demands on your time. Being responsible for client relations, brand management, internal communication, and event planning leaves little time for anything else. Yet, the news cycle is real-time and fickle. A reporter’s interest in a developing trend, a breaking news story, or the release of a verdict is immediate and short-lived. It is nearly impossible to track media opportunities and actively pursue reporters given the mountain of other responsibilities your position requires. What you need is someone quick, creative and aggressive to track and secure media opportunities as they emerge and before they expire. 
That’s where Kate Casey excels. Kate provides the extra hand you need to ensure that your firm and partners are getting targeted media opportunities that reach your potential clients before your competition does.